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Discovering Edinburgh, Pride of Scotland

Vibrant, diverse, and incredibly old, the city of Edinburgh is a must-see destination for any seasoned traveller. The capital of Scotland (part of the United Kingdom), Edinburgh can boast a history going back thousands of years to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

In and around Edinburgh, visitors can find ruins dating back to Scotland's Celtic, Roman, and early medieval periods, making the city an absolute dream-come-true for history buffs.

Through the Mists of Time

This website is designed for travellers, armchair historians, and anyone considering a trip to Edinburgh. Here, readers will find informative and frequently updated posts about all things Scotland and its inimitable capital.

Visitors to this site can read about the city's many spectacular buildings and ancient battlements, such as the legendary castles of Edinburgh and Stirling. They can also learn about Edinburgh's 400-year-old Greyfriars Church, which still holds Sunday services in Scottish Gaelic.

Those of a more conspiratorial frame of mind, meanwhile, may be interested to learn about Edinburgh's enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel, which was heavily featured in the Dan Brown novel 'The Da Vinci Code.'

Travel Tips and Advice

Be sure to check out all of the best casinos while you explore Scotland. This website also provides helpful travel advice for anyone planning a trip to Edinburgh, such as how to plan day trips to Loch Lomond (Scotland's largest lake), or where to book the best sightseeing cruises through the Firth of Forth.

What's more, this site will give readers recommendations on the city's best hotels and restaurants, in hopes of making their Edinburgh experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.