Top 5 Casinos in Scotland

If you think about Scotland, the beautiful Highlands comes to mind followed by images of misty hillsides, and perhaps a few movie scenes from an array of Hollywood hits. 

Once you’ve marvelled at the natural beauty and move into the cities, you can enjoy magnificent architecture and locals who are friendly and inviting. If you’re ready to play online slots or visit a real brick and mortar casino, you’ll quickly find top quality gambling options all throughout Scotland.

Let’s take a look at the top five casinos you can enjoy while you’re there.

The Soul Casino in Aberdeen

For the ultimate glamour and glitz experience, be sure to visit the exceptional Soul Casino. It’s situated in an old church building, hence the name, and you’ll be in awe with the stained glass windows, high ceilings and original church organ that forms part of the interior design. You’ll find a full-house casino experience including slot machines, roulette, blackjack and poker. 

The Alea Casino in Glasgow

It boasts the title of the most significant land-based casino in Scotland. Stepping into its lobby will be like you’ve just stepped off the Strip into a high-roller casino in Vegas. It can accommodate 1,800 visitors and is built next to a river for the ultimate view while there. 

The Grosvenor Riverboat Casino in Glasgow

The Grosvenor is a premier casino venue also situated on the riverbanks within the buzzing city. It’s well known for its excellent cuisine and casino games selection. You can enjoy the best steaks and desserts after playing a game of roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’em or slots.

The Grosvenor Casino in Dundee

It’s also part of the same family of Grosvenor casinos and offers the same delicious cuisine. The Dundee Grosvenor is perfect for corporate get-aways as it also offers conference rooms and all the facilities needed for the perfect company retreat. If you enjoy live sports betting this is the place to visit as it has a large sports lounge with live sports events around the clock.

The Grosvenor Casino in Aberdeen

Last but not least is another subsidiary of the Grosvenor Casino family. The Aberdeen Grosvenor Casino is the perfect day and night entertainment centre with its excellent restaurants and sports lounge that broadcasts all the top live sporting events.


If you’re planning a trip to Scotland be sure to catch some of the nightlife action at one the top 5 casinos in Scotland. Playing online slots is fantastic, but putting your phone down for a night on the town is an excellent experience.